Financial Advisors

Advocate + Guide + Negotiator = MPG

The Process

We are often asked by advisors about how we work, who we work for, how we are compensated, and more. We are always transparent about our process and hope the following outline answers some of your key questions.


  • It is about YOU! MPG is about making connections that last therefore the exploratory process is very important. We want to know about your business and your goals before even discussing potential options or opportunities.
  • We do not accept retainer fees or work for any one firm, so we can be entirely impartial and focus only on the best solution for you. We offer access to the entire waterfall of possibilities.
  • Timing: It is never too early to reach out to us. We are equally motivated to speak with you whether you are serious about making a move, or simply curious to see what your options might be.
  • Privacy: When you reach out to us, we keep your information private and do not share.
  • Introduction: The introduction to a firm is the least significant part of what we do, for us to be compensated for our work on your behalf, and for us to have a seat at the table.

How are we compensated:

  • MPG works with you at no cost. We are compensated directly by the firm you join, and your transition package is never impacted by our involvement.
  • If you are an independent business owner looking into mergers or acquisition, we are compensated by the acquirer.

Financial Advisors

Advisors often reach a point in their careers when they consider that where they are may not longer be the best place to serve their clients, grow their business, or enable them to seize their end goal. In order to make the best choice for you and your clients, you need an unbiased advocate with intelligence on the landscape of the industry. MPG has a track record of success in helping advisors like you find the right opportunity. There is a daunting array of models out there in the financial landscape of today. Whether you are a W-2 employee advisor considering a move to another wire house, regional bank, or have questions about the many versions of independence, we have the expertise to help you define a path.

What can MPG do for you?

Our process is “advisor-centric” with a goal to begin with the end in mind. So, we help you define what that end might look like, counseling you on how to “dig deep”. That means answering the important questions about your business, your short- and long-term goals, what you would want to replicate about your current experience, what’s frustrating you, and what you’d be willing to “give up” in order to get what you want…because only then can we help you to find the best place to serve your clients, grow your business and improve your quality of life. Most importantly our discretion and protection of your confidentially is our absolute commitment to you.